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Nubis Sport Mattress,世界最輕便攜帶的操作治療床之一


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Extremely portable

Inside a small and very light backpack, you can bring NubisSport everywhere, anytime.
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Super light

Using NubisSport is a child’s play. At only 5.3 kg weight, it is one of the lightest therapy mattresses in the world.
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No weight limits

Thanks to the pressure based system, NubisSport has unlimited weight capacity and can hold any weight of both patient and therapist.
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Quickly prepared

It only takes 1-2 minutes to be completely prepared to help an athlete.
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Sturdy, long-lasting material is suitable for abusive use on any terrain.
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Both position of headrest and mattress hardness could be easily adjusted for perfect comfort.
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Therapist friendly

Transporting NubisSport is comfortable and simple, even by foot, bus or bicycle.
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Superior material

High-quality PU surface is oil and waterproof, flame retardant and steady against blood, urine and disinfectants.
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Easy cleaning

A NubisSport cover is made of a very durable material, which can be easily cleaned and disinfected.
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Patient comfort

Pressure based system, shifting headrest and very flexible and elastic top surface material gives patient ultimate comfort during treatment.
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Pleasure to use

With ideal height for floor therapy and knee mat as part of standard equipment, NubisSport is a pleasure to work with.
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NubisSport is pleasantly rounded from all sides. There are covers available in several attractive colors for every taste.


床墊尺寸:190‭ ‬x 75‭ ‬x 20‭ ‬cm(長x寬x厚)
床墊重量:5.3‭ ‬kg‭ ‬
床墊底座‭/‬罩材料:雙層面料‭/ ‬PU‭ ‬
頭部調節:0‭ - ‬15‭ ‬cm(長度)

重量:350‭ ‬kg‭ ‬

背包措施:60‭ ‬x 35‭ ‬x 20厘米

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